The forgotten Sent Messages for Sensei LMS

I had multiple plugins in the directory, but a few years ago, I closed them all except for one.

Sensei LMS was an LMS that I seriously considered for a project, and while investigating it, I even submitted a couple of minor fixes.

This was three years ago. Gutenberg wasn't a thing, and Sensei LMS was just becoming important again for Automattic.

Back then, I noticed that:

By default, there is no way to have access to previously sent messages from the course, lessons, or quizzes. The only option to see the messages is by going to the Inbox page. This might be cumbersome, especially if you sent a few messages and you are expecting an answer.

And for this reason, I wrote and released a plugin:

Sent Messages for Sensei LMS addresses this shortcoming by giving you quick access to previous messages.

These quotes are from the old announcement post titled Introducing Sent Messages for Sensei LMS.

Sensei LMS is at version 4 now, and it comes with a new theme called Learning Mode. It has a feature similar to what existed in LearnDash for years under the name of Focus Mode. Still, it's exciting news.

It's exciting enough to motivate me to update the Sent Messages for Sensei LMS to work with the block editor.