Automated NGINX proxy for Docker containers using docker-gen | implenton

It's the natural consequence of playing with Docker to go mad at one point and try to dockerize everything.

I landed on using jwilder/nginx-proxy to put a reverse proxy in front of multiple services running in Docker containers on the same VPS.

Though a bit too magic for my taste but a good kind of magic!

AD. In the end, I decided against this.

Remotion, write videos in React | implenton

Remotion was on my radar for a while, but I could not think of a good use case for it in my life. They have inspiring examples in their showcase, but that was not enough to make me dig into this project.

The situation changed. I came up with practical use for it! I initially thought of using FFmpeg purely, but it would be fantastic if I could do it with web technologies.

WP CLI DB Anonymize by Blavet Studio | implenton

I like the straightforward, no-fuss approach that the DB Anonymize by Blavet Studi takes.

After installing this WP CLI package, you can turn the user login, names, emails to xxxxxxxx by running the wp db-anonymize command. It even has basic support for WooCommerce.

Don't skip on having client data on your system in a GDPR-compliant way.

Physical ticket for a new GitHub issue | implenton

This is a fun idea and mini-project involving GitHub API, a Raspberry Pi, and a receipt printer. Every time a new issue is opened, a physical ticket is printed out.

Check it out at Andrew's blog!

Has selector, some use cases for it | implenton

Safari 15.4 - I just updated to it - is the first browser to implement the :has CSS selector. And if they did it, many will follow soon!

Matthias in the CSS :has( ) A Parent Selector Now shares a few use cases for it. This is the most exciting for me of all the new stuff we got in CSS in the last few years.

And I just noticed that the Container Queries are also in the Safari TP (Technology Preview)! In two years, I'll write CSS very differently.

The beginning of boldelse | implenton

While I'm not a designer by craft, I had fun creating the visuals for the project called boldelse.

On a different note, I'm still looking for the perfect cross-OS software or web service without a costly subscription model where I can save the things I like online. There is nothing really for a hobbyist. Currently, I have an unorganized mess in multiple places, more like a mood board rather than anything else.

Intro to CSS layout model | implenton

Josh Comeau, in Understanding Layout Algorithms talks about his eureka moment that made him understand CSS deeper.

It's a well worth long-read about how to think about CSS rather than illustrating a specific technique. It made me want to dig even deeper into this topic.

Making sure your email is marked as spam | implenton

We usually want people to get our emails. We set up DNS records for SPF and DKIM, so domains are not marked as spammy. We care about the IPs we use to send emails since that can make a difference too!

To be honest, I never thought about making sure my emails were marked as spam. This quasi satirical website, Straight to Spam, can help you with that.

(The trick is to include all the wrong, in this case, the right, keywords in your message.)

The WooCommerce Store API is stable | implenton

It's exciting to see the WooCommerce Store API become stable.

It won't allow unprecedented e-commerce user experiences because those who genuinely invested in WooCommerce built their bespoke API to create unique shops. Nevertheless, I believe this will open the doors for some products and services for the general public that was impossible without an official API having checkout and cart.

While reading the article, I already had some ideas about using this. Surely others too! I'll closely follow this topic.

AWS SDK PHP sub-splits | implenton

It's inevitable to interact with an AWS service these days. While reviewing and thinking about solutions for a project, I checked the SDK to see how we could interact with services from media converting to image recognition.

Seeing the almost 30 MB size of the PHP SDK raised my eyebrows, and the idea to split it into smaller packages makes a lot of sense. If this materializes, which I hope, it will be a huge win and a big undertaking.