YAML and the Norway problem | implenton

As a curiosity...

When it comes to booleans, in YAML you can use y, YES, on, True and other variations for the true value.

As you probably guessed, for the false value, you can use n, NO, off, etc.

But NO is also Norway's ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code. Oops. Edge case.

Of course, you can just escape it, as this article rightfully suggests.

Style your RSS Feed with CSS | implenton

When you open an RSS feed, you usually see the raw, unstyled XML structure and nothing more.

But it doesn't have to be this way. CSS can be used to style the RSS feed.

If the RSS is nicely styled, it might even be "redundant" to provide a "website" version. Think of personal microblogs where mostly only friends follow you.

It's something worth experimenting with.

The Hidden History of Screen Readers | implenton

The Verge had a series called Accessibility week.

The Hidden History of Screen Readers is a non-technical article from Sheon Han which tells, well, the history of screen readers. It's a very descriptive and accurate title.

It's nice to see these well-written articles containing links to additional resources. I have the impression that we are all so caught up in the technicalities that we forget how things came to be, and we might miss some contexts.

Private, organization-owned GitHub repos are Netlify Pro plan only | implenton

Upgrade to Pro to keep using private, organization-owned GitHub repositories.

It was bound to happen. We can no longer link private, organization-owned GitHub repositories to sites with Netlify's Starter plan. Here's why.

I'm not unhappy about this change. With the CLI's deploy command, I can still use Netlify for hosting my sites.

I never really liked that the build process was running on Netlify anyway. It's a good reason to move it to a GitHub Action and then add the deployment as an additional step.

Termwind, front-end like syntax for Symfony Console | implenton

Laravel recently revamped its Artisan commands output look. Take a look at the before and after comparison; it looks very cool.

Laravel still uses Symfony's Console component, but to help them with the styling Termwind was required.

In short, it's like Tailwind CSS, but for the PHP command-line applications.

With it, you use HTML and some utility CSS classes to create the CLI output; for example:

use function Termwind\{render};

render('<div class="px-1 bg-green-300">Termwind</div>');

In essence, this library translates this front-endy code into something that the Symfony Console understands. This is apparent if you take a look at their tests.

Limits of visited CSS pseudo-class and one use case for it | implenton

Compared to how many provide styles for the :hover, rarely do people provide style for the :visited CSS pseudo-class, including me.

Interestingly, while you can go as crazy as you want for the :hover, there are some limitations for the :visited. You can only change some "basic" properties, like the color of the text or background.

Because of privacy reasons.

I came across a site where they styled the visited links, and I was super grateful they did.

It's an archive site for an old radio show where they just dumped the links to the individual episodes (MP3 files). With the :focus style in place, I don't even have to keep track of the episodes I listened to. I can tell which ones I opened and where I left off.

(I'm always listening to this show from my phone.)

Terminal styles websites with LiveTerm | implenton

Highly customizable, easy-to-use, and minimal terminal styled website template, powered by Next.js.

Take a look at the project's page to see what you can get out of the box.

It looks fun and can be themed kind of the same way you would theme your IDE/code editor.

You can find several pre-configured themes in themes.json, and you can replace the colors in config.json with the theme color you like!

Luzi Type, a Swiss type design studio, got a redesign | implenton

Luzi Type got a redesign, and they were nice enough to give me a shout-out in the announcement post.

Luzi Type is a Swiss type design studio with an innovative catalogue of sophisticated fonts.

It's been exciting to work on updating the type tester we built together a few years back.

Luzi is easily among my favorite clients.

FreeDNS, a place to get a subdomain for your project | implenton

I just recently stumbled upon FreeDNS. It's a place to get a free subdomain for your project. But not just!

The site FreeDNS began in 2001 because founder Joshua Anderson wanted to have fun with his domain hobby. He wanted to create a safe environment where other programmers could share domain names with one another at no cost, starting with friends.

There are fun domain names, like: crabdance.com, raspberryip.com, 0000000000000000000000.com. In total, more than 44_000+ domains to choose from!

Maybe, I'll "donate" a domain or two in the future.

DigitalOcean Functions a serverless computing solution | implenton

It was expected to happen at one point. DigitalOcean released its own serverless computing solution. It's simple named: Functions.

DigitalOcean Functions is a serverless computing solution that runs on-demand, enabling you to focus on your code, scale instantly with confidence, and save costs by eliminating the need to maintain servers.

It's just like AWS Lambda but more user-friendly.